Nature education

In the past 20 years I have made many illustrations for nature and environmental education. I think it is important to involve children in nature and to have them build a positive relationship and to discover and learn through and within nature . In my time with the Youth for Nature and Environment Study, I gained a lot of experience and knowledge of nature. This often proves to be a plus in making illustrations around that theme. I like to convert my love for nature into a drawing.

Coed Cyrnol
Interpretations board Coed Cyrnol, Menai Bridge on Anglesey, Wales 2006

This big interpretation board is up in a beautiful little woodland in Menai Bridge. It shows all the species of birds, tree, plants and butterflies in the area. It was made in 2006 in commission for Menter Mon and you can go and see it for yourself if you are in Wales.

I did this big illustration on A1 for an organisation called Social farms & garden in 2018. It was a real joy to make: drawing people and animals having a wonderful time in their earth friendly garden. There is so much going on!

In spring 2019 I made a whole series of illustrations for a nature organisation called IVN in The Netherlands. They are used on a map of the whole county of Drenthe to promote people engaging with nature. I totally got into it and the employer was very happy with the result