Quite soon after my move to Wales, I started illustrating the front for Network News. I have been doing this for over 16 and a half years now, every month. It is a simple but important magazine in which many of the local activities, exhibitions and courses are announced. Below a small selection in the slideshow:

The Hedgewitch is a children’s book that was published bilingual in Wales in 2015, in Welsh & in English. It is about a little witch who lives in harmony with nature in the hedge. Enchanted by a dragonfly, she is led to ‘Darkland’ …. It is a beautiful book with colourful illustrations and a beautiful story that gives readers a lot of strength to believe in themselves. The book has since spread to all over the world.

The publication Psychosensitivity was published by Anoiksis in 2013 in The Netherlands. It is a booklet written by people who live with psychosis sensitivity for people who also have to deal with it. The open and insightful text together with the illuminating and colorful illustrations make the booklet into a fresh and surprising whole. Later it was also translated into English.

Roots and wings by Nanda van Bodegraven and Tamar Kopmels

The book Roots and wings was published in 2004 by SWP publisher in The Netherlands. It is an extensive book about philosophizing with children. As a result of this book I have illustrated a series of articles on this subject together with one of the writers, more of which you can see under the heading ‘Philosophy’

Witch of Wales series of illustrations for small edition publication Oker Ontwerpers

For an exhibition at Oker Ontwerpers in Harlingen in 2003 I made a whole series of illustrations of witches. For the time being, there are only short texts with the illustrations and loose ideas. Hopefully it will someday be turned into a book.