Over the years i have made a lot of personal cards and presents as commission and for friends and family. Have you got an idea for a nice card for a friends birthday, wedding or other special occasion, please get in touch with me.

In the Netherlands it is a tradition to send a birth announcement card when a baby is born. Over the years i’ve done several cards as commission. Underneath you can see a selection of these cards. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your ideas.

Since 2020 i have started a series of private commissions called Empowering portraits. In an exchange we decide on a theme and location that is giving the person what they would like support with. After the sketch is agreed i work on the illustration in colour. In many cases the picture gets a special place in the house where it inspires daily.

In 2020 i also started doing the flipcards, surprising cards for a special occasion.