The Lost Lighthouse

An exhibition The Lost lighthouse in August 2014 in Gallerie kolff in the Netherlands brings together various elements of my work, illustration, photography, video, objects and social art. During the well-attended opening there will be a performance by Arie van der krogt and Loek van Gent and a performance by a weird red with white stripes being who wants to dance with people and embrace them.

‘The exhibition is a truly beautiful living viewing game by artist Femke van Gent (1971) for young and old. Cheerful red-and-white objects with a real appearance as street theater, because you can also see them in Zoeterwoude Dorp this coming weekend. In addition, beautiful childrens illustrations in multicolored designs with roses, witches and teapots that do have the aim of communicating the message clearly in a social way. Femke has succeeded with this unique spectacle, verbal and non-verbal. ‘ Below a link to the entire article with photos of the exhibition by Gert Jan van Heyningen ( in Dutch)

invitation exhibition Gallerie Kolff August 2014

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